Thursday, 7 May 2015

100 Word Challenge - T2 W3

Our 100 Word Challenge was a bit different this week.  
We had to write a story using 5 particular words.  We higlighted the words when we used them.

The words were:

Here are some of the creative stories that we wrote.

It was a nice, sunny afternoon when Horse was eating, then he thought he would go for a swim. He carefully swam in the water. Then his friend, Duck, came for a swim. Duck thought that maybe they should have a Swamp Party! "Great idea," said Horse. So they invited all their friends. There were cow, pig, sheep, bunny, rabbit, dog, cat and the party throwers. Then all of a sudden cow was going to have a little drink from the water but then she found out that the water was green. "Maybe," she thought, "somebody must have flushed something gross down the pipe and made the water green and yuck. Then...
By Riley

Once upon a time there was a horse. He loved music and making music. One day he lost his pipe and ooohhhh it as his favourite thing in the world. Then he had an idea and the idea was that he should go and search for his pipe. The next morning he walked through the green forest, then he swam through the lake. All of a sudden he was a BEAR. "Ahhhh," he screamed! He had to tipoed carefully around the bear. Yay he found his pipe! After that he galloped home, through the lake, and back through the green forest.
By Katie

Once upon a time there was a horse. One day the horse was going for a walk across a bridge. The bridge wasn't very stable so the horse walked carefully. Suddenly when he was half way across, the horse fell down into the water below the bridge. The horse swam towards the green grass on the side of the river. Then out of nowhere, a giant pipe appeared above the horse's head and the horse was sucked up into a UFO full of aliens! The horse was so scared, he ran past all the aliens, jumped out a window, landed in the river, swam to the side, ran all the way back to the barn and nevr left his home again!
By Paige

"I don't care if you want to eat your silly apples, we're taking the left turn," I said to Marley the horse while I was riding on his back. I jumped off his back and said, "Ahhh we're here at last." I walked into the small shade and hung up a blanket from side to side to get changed into my green swimming togs. As soon as I was finished, I ran to the ocean to swim. I carefully stepped into the water and swam like a fish. After that I dried off and took out my pipe and played it fluently.
By Deborah

100 Word Challenge - T2 W2

Our 100 Word Challenge this week was the photo prompt below.

The students had to write from the perspective of a soldier or a family member about this moment in time.  

There were some amazing stories.

Check them out below!

                           PO 11_17_3_007.jpg

There I was, dangling my legs off the side off the boat even though I was terrified of falling off into the water.  I just wanted to fit in.  I could hear all of the families and friends saying things like, "I love you," "Make us proud," "143."  143 means I love you.  I learnt that at school.  Oh how much I miss school.  I hate violence but if it's to do with land, I'm in.  I finally saw my Mum.  She was climbing on the boat.  I rushed down, pushing through the crowd.  NIET, NIET, NIET!  Russia is where I'm from originally.  My Mum only knows Russian, but to my amazement she said something in English, "Just don't die," as she jumped off...
By Quinn

This is it!  I'm boarding the ship.  I'm so excited, me in my helmet and khaki suit.  Bob grips the railing with sweaty hands.  Me and my mates ask what's up with him.  "Don't you think these guns we have, don't the Germans have them too?" he asked.  "They could kill us."  We ponder this for a minute.  He had a point, but then again, the Fritz were the evil ones, we were in the right!  We are invincible!  We look at him funnily and then laugh.  "It was all rubbish!" I thought.
By Calvin

As I wriggled to the side of the ship to wave to my family goddbye I started to regret the lie about my age and started to wish that I never signed up to this.  As a tear drop dripped out of my eye, I said my las goodbye, then I pushed to the back.  The ship smelt of sweat, fish and plenty of other horrible stuff.  I knew all my mates were quite scared as well.  As the ship horn roared we took off, quite slowly at first but the ship did get faster.  I knew it was my time to shine.
By Teryn

I was sitting at the top row of the ship watching my sister and my mum waving goodbye in the middle of the crowd.  I was feeling proud but I was also feeling sad.  I could hear the ships horn sounding, "beeeeeeep!"  I could smell the salty air.  Tears came down my face and I could taste salty tears.  I could hear the crowd yelling, "Goodbye," "Hope to see you soon!"  I caould laso hear the seagulls, "CAW!  CAW!  CAW!"  They were loud and noisy.  After a while the horn beeped and I knew it was time to go.
By Abhilasha

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Week 3 - 100 Word Challenge

Our prompt for our 100 Word Challenge this week was:

Cat problem.jpg

What happened next? 

Here are some of the stories we wrote:

Jimmy the cat was hungry.  He wanted to get his owner's attention but he was too busy reading his book so he didn't notice Jimmy.  Jimmy had an idea.  He jumped off the back of the couch planning to land on his owner but as he jumped, he flew straight over him and headed for the cold fish tank with only water in it.  Jimmy was so scared that he grew angel wings and flew up to heaven.  Then he forced himslef back down and landed on his owner's head.  But he still didn't get the owner's attention.
By Teryn

One day I was bored.  I saw James and he was reading a book, it looked fun.  I said to myself, "Maybe I can have fun by giving James a fright!"  I got onto the couch.  Just then he started laughing.  It was so loud, it gave me a fright!  I jumped so high that I came down so fast and my claws immediately came out and I landed on James!  When I heard James yell, "Aghhhh," I ran away so fast so James couldn't find me and I started meowing.  "Meow."  Then he found me and yelled at me.  I was mad!
By Caitlin

Hi I'm Tom the cat.  Today is April Fool's Day, and I'm going to playing a little trick on Maison.  He's the human by the way.  Good!  Maison's reading a book, that's a pretty good distraction.  Alright off I go.  OK, right now I'm behind the couch and I'm just about to do my trick.  Ok, 1, 2, 3 go!  Rahrrr!  I jump up and leap out from behind the couch and aimed for Maison's head but I missed and instead of landing in Maison's head, I ended up slamming my body on the wall.  What happens next?  Do you know?
By Deborah

One day when my owner Jeff was reading his book about Minecraft, I decided to play a prank on him because he wasn't looking after me.  So I jumped off the couch and I was gliding then I dropped on his head with my claws out.  Then I clawed his head.  He popped up and said "OW, my head!" really loud.  Suddenly I said, "you weren't looking after me!"  Jeff said, "oh my cat just talked."  Then Jeff ran...I said, "Jeff, come and feed me!"  He was running so fast!
By Charlotte

All morning Jack was ignoring me.  He was reading a book in the lounge.  It was April Fool's Day so I decided to glide over him to get his attention.  "Ohhh noooo!!!!"  I landed on his head and I ran away.  I sure got his attention!  I heard Jack yell.  I jumped out the window as fast as lightning.  I knew Jack was really angry.  As I was running away I fell into a deep drain.  I kept falling down into the sewers.  I heard Jack yelling for me and I saw him walking past but I didn't go home again.
By Braedan

Once upon a time I was sitting on the comfortable couch in the lounge by the curtain and I got my book and started to read my book.  Suddenly my cat clawed me and said "Meoooooowwwww."  He had climbed up the apartment wall and climbed in the window and climbed up the back of the couch.  My cat sprang up and landed on my head.
By Blake

One day I was sitting on the snuggly furniture.  Suddenly the cat appeared and then the cat clawed me and I ran out the door to the kitchen.  I bled.  I put bandages and plasters on.  I looked like a scary mummy.  The cat was hiding in the  then the cat jumped on the dinner table.
By Reuben

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Week 2 - 100 Word Challenge

Our prompt for our 100 Word Challenge this week was:

...suddenly I saw... 

Here are some of the stories we wrote:

One night I was sleeping in my bed.  I saw a scary tree branch shadow through my window.  It was stormy and windy.  I looked out my window and suddenly I saw a monster climbing up my house wall.  I started screaming and ran into my Mum and Dad's room.  Then I snuggled into the middle of their bed.  Next thing I know it was morning, I was so relieved.  I went into my own room, looked out my window and there was no monster so I went into the kitchen and ate a whole jar of cookies!  "Yum, yum yum."
By Katie

Suddenly I saw cops outside my house.  There were thousands of cops surrounding our house.  It smelt like buring lights from the cars, it looked like a whole crowd of angry rhinos.  They had their shields up, their guns were in their hands.  Some cops didn't have their shields because they had machine guns.  My heart was beating like millions of machine guns.  One of the cops knocked on our door.  They said that there is a robber in our backyard.  Our backyard is humongous.  We are never going to find them.  We started looking...
By Aaron

One scary, dark night I went camping with my Dad.  We went to the scariest place.  We set up the tent and went to bed. In the middle of the night suddenly I saw a pig with a gun and a chainsaw.  He came out of a cave with a BLAST.  He went bang, bang, bang and I ran into the tent.  He went roar, roar, roar.  He crashed down our tent.  Dad woke up and said, "Run!  Run for you life!"  We ran and ran until we found the three pigs house made of brick and hid there!
By Joshua  

On Friday 13th it was a dark, stormy night.  Lightning struck and missed a girl by inches.  The girl was called Dianne.  She believed in ghosts and zombies.  She was lost and suddenly she saw a dark hooded figure behind her with a machine gun.  For the first time in her life Dianne was scared.  He heart was beating so fast she couldn't feel it.  Dianne ran to the end of the street, "Wait!" said an unfamiliar voice.  She realised it was the dark hooded figure.  She stopped and the hooded figure was waiting.  The hooded figure pulled out his machine gun and...boom!  Dianne opened her eyes and saw a dead boy lying on the pavement.
By Tanzee

One day I was sitting in my spa enjoying my 20 million pancakes, watching my flatscreen TV when suddenly I saw my Dad in a Weetbix commercial!  I dropped my breakfast, jumped out of the spa and ended up hugging the TV screaming, "We're gonna be rich, we're gonna be rich!"  I managed to get over it.  When my Dad got home I said, "How much money did you get today?" And he gave me two dollars!  My mouth just fell open.  Then he said, "Can you help me get the other 20 million dollars out of the car?"
By Paige     

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Week 1 - 100 Word Challenge

This week we started our 100 Word Challenge. 
The 100 word challenge is a weekly creative writing challenge.  
Each Monday a prompt is given, which could be a picture or a series of individual words and we can only use up to 100 words or 5 sentences to write a creative piece of writing. 
We then spend 20 mins writing.  
Each week some of our stories will be showcased on our blog.
Here are some of the stories we wrote today!
This was our prompt:

It was a very nice sunny day and I was fishing. Next to me was my best friend, Jelly. I felt my rod bending but it was just a puny great white. Then Jelly felt a tiny tug...I know it was a big one! He pulled up this mutated sloth. It looked like an eel!! Jelly pulled out his uzi so I closed my eyes. I could hear around 20 shots. I though he must hate sloths! But when I opened my eyes, he was on the ground dead and the sloth WALKED away!
By Quinn

It was was a sunny day, Steve went out fishing. He paddled until he got to the middle of the ocean. He pulled out his fishing rod. Suddenly he felt a really strong tug. He pulled out a big ugly fish. It looked like a worm...the eyeballs were poking out, it smelt like a rotten egg and it was as slimy and slippery like soggy biscuit. He pulled out his machine gun, shot the bottom of his boat, he sunk!

By Aaron

One sunny afternoon Steve was fishing in a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He took bait and quickly put it on the hook of his fishing rod. Then he flung the hooka attached to the rod into the water. he waited and waited and waited and then suddenly he got a bite on his rod, it was going all over the place like crazy. Later after all that pulling he finally pulled the rod out of the water. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was an ugly worm-like eel thing. He didn't like the look of it!

By Riley

It all started on a sunny day. Sophie was fishing on her boat in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly her rod moved and bent and when she tried to heave was too strong. Then with a mighty pull, she pulled her rod out one last time...and there was a slimy abomination. She gazed at it with horror. It's eyes were as big as dinner plates and when she took the hook out, there were teeth as small as ants and the mouth was as huge as a ball. After that day she never went fishing again.

By Abhilasha

On a sunny day Max went fishing in the middle of nowhere. He put the fishing pole in the water. He waited and waited and waited until he couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled out a giant sea monster. He was frozen and the fish was wiggling, his teeth were as sharp as swords and his eyes were as big as a basketball. He tried putting it back in the water but it was too late. The fish ate him. He tried getting out but he couldn't. Then he had to stay there forever...will he get out?

By Abimbola

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!

Today is a very special day - it is Albert Einstein's birthday.  

Albert Einstein is our class mascot for many reasons.  He is widely considered to be the most intelligent person in history but interestingly if you had asked Einstein himself about that, he would have disagreed.

"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious."

From Einstein we learn the value of asking questions.

Although Einstein is know for his achievements in Maths and Science, he believed that being smart is not about knowing everything.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

He believed that creative pursuits such as art and music are just as important as reading, writing and maths.

Albert Einstein shows us the importance of perseverance.

"I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right." and "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

And he even had lessons for teachers.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!  We look forward to learning more from your wisdom.

It's Pi Day!

Today is special for another reason - it's Pi Day.

Pi is a number used in Maths, especially for Maths involving circles.  It is written like this:

In number form, Pi is written as 3.141592653 - but that's just the beginning.  Pi has an infinite number of digits.  You'll never be able to write them all - they continue forever.  That's why we need the symbol!

Pi Day is celebrated every year on March the 14th.  Get it?  March (the 3rd month), 14th => 3.14

Pi Day this year though is very special because if you add in the 15 from 2015 you get Pi to the first 4 places => 3.1415

And if you're really keen and celebrate it at 9.26am then you have Pi to 7 decimal places => 3.1415926

Happy Pi Day!  Will you eat some pie to celebrate?  Actually I wonder if that's where it gets its name ... what do you think?