Saturday, 14 March 2015

It's Pi Day!

Today is special for another reason - it's Pi Day.

Pi is a number used in Maths, especially for Maths involving circles.  It is written like this:

In number form, Pi is written as 3.141592653 - but that's just the beginning.  Pi has an infinite number of digits.  You'll never be able to write them all - they continue forever.  That's why we need the symbol!

Pi Day is celebrated every year on March the 14th.  Get it?  March (the 3rd month), 14th => 3.14

Pi Day this year though is very special because if you add in the 15 from 2015 you get Pi to the first 4 places => 3.1415

And if you're really keen and celebrate it at 9.26am then you have Pi to 7 decimal places => 3.1415926

Happy Pi Day!  Will you eat some pie to celebrate?  Actually I wonder if that's where it gets its name ... what do you think?

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