Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Week 1 - 100 Word Challenge

This week we started our 100 Word Challenge. 
The 100 word challenge is a weekly creative writing challenge.  
Each Monday a prompt is given, which could be a picture or a series of individual words and we can only use up to 100 words or 5 sentences to write a creative piece of writing. 
We then spend 20 mins writing.  
Each week some of our stories will be showcased on our blog.
Here are some of the stories we wrote today!
This was our prompt:

It was a very nice sunny day and I was fishing. Next to me was my best friend, Jelly. I felt my rod bending but it was just a puny great white. Then Jelly felt a tiny tug...I know it was a big one! He pulled up this mutated sloth. It looked like an eel!! Jelly pulled out his uzi so I closed my eyes. I could hear around 20 shots. I though he must hate sloths! But when I opened my eyes, he was on the ground dead and the sloth WALKED away!
By Quinn

It was was a sunny day, Steve went out fishing. He paddled until he got to the middle of the ocean. He pulled out his fishing rod. Suddenly he felt a really strong tug. He pulled out a big ugly fish. It looked like a worm...the eyeballs were poking out, it smelt like a rotten egg and it was as slimy and slippery like soggy biscuit. He pulled out his machine gun, shot the bottom of his boat, he sunk!

By Aaron

One sunny afternoon Steve was fishing in a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He took bait and quickly put it on the hook of his fishing rod. Then he flung the hooka attached to the rod into the water. he waited and waited and waited and then suddenly he got a bite on his rod, it was going all over the place like crazy. Later after all that pulling he finally pulled the rod out of the water. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was an ugly worm-like eel thing. He didn't like the look of it!

By Riley

It all started on a sunny day. Sophie was fishing on her boat in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly her rod moved and bent and when she tried to heave it...it was too strong. Then with a mighty pull, she pulled her rod out one last time...and there was a slimy abomination. She gazed at it with horror. It's eyes were as big as dinner plates and when she took the hook out, there were teeth as small as ants and the mouth was as huge as a ball. After that day she never went fishing again.

By Abhilasha

On a sunny day Max went fishing in the middle of nowhere. He put the fishing pole in the water. He waited and waited and waited until he couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled out a giant sea monster. He was frozen and the fish was wiggling, his teeth were as sharp as swords and his eyes were as big as a basketball. He tried putting it back in the water but it was too late. The fish ate him. He tried getting out but he couldn't. Then he had to stay there forever...will he get out?

By Abimbola

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