Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Week 2 - 100 Word Challenge

Our prompt for our 100 Word Challenge this week was:

...suddenly I saw... 

Here are some of the stories we wrote:

One night I was sleeping in my bed.  I saw a scary tree branch shadow through my window.  It was stormy and windy.  I looked out my window and suddenly I saw a monster climbing up my house wall.  I started screaming and ran into my Mum and Dad's room.  Then I snuggled into the middle of their bed.  Next thing I know it was morning, I was so relieved.  I went into my own room, looked out my window and there was no monster so I went into the kitchen and ate a whole jar of cookies!  "Yum, yum yum."
By Katie

Suddenly I saw cops outside my house.  There were thousands of cops surrounding our house.  It smelt like buring lights from the cars, it looked like a whole crowd of angry rhinos.  They had their shields up, their guns were in their hands.  Some cops didn't have their shields because they had machine guns.  My heart was beating like millions of machine guns.  One of the cops knocked on our door.  They said that there is a robber in our backyard.  Our backyard is humongous.  We are never going to find them.  We started looking...
By Aaron

One scary, dark night I went camping with my Dad.  We went to the scariest place.  We set up the tent and went to bed. In the middle of the night suddenly I saw a pig with a gun and a chainsaw.  He came out of a cave with a BLAST.  He went bang, bang, bang and I ran into the tent.  He went roar, roar, roar.  He crashed down our tent.  Dad woke up and said, "Run!  Run for you life!"  We ran and ran until we found the three pigs house made of brick and hid there!
By Joshua  

On Friday 13th it was a dark, stormy night.  Lightning struck and missed a girl by inches.  The girl was called Dianne.  She believed in ghosts and zombies.  She was lost and suddenly she saw a dark hooded figure behind her with a machine gun.  For the first time in her life Dianne was scared.  He heart was beating so fast she couldn't feel it.  Dianne ran to the end of the street, "Wait!" said an unfamiliar voice.  She realised it was the dark hooded figure.  She stopped and the hooded figure was waiting.  The hooded figure pulled out his machine gun and...boom!  Dianne opened her eyes and saw a dead boy lying on the pavement.
By Tanzee

One day I was sitting in my spa enjoying my 20 million pancakes, watching my flatscreen TV when suddenly I saw my Dad in a Weetbix commercial!  I dropped my breakfast, jumped out of the spa and ended up hugging the TV screaming, "We're gonna be rich, we're gonna be rich!"  I managed to get over it.  When my Dad got home I said, "How much money did you get today?" And he gave me two dollars!  My mouth just fell open.  Then he said, "Can you help me get the other 20 million dollars out of the car?"
By Paige     

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