Thursday, 7 May 2015

100 Word Challenge - T2 W3

Our 100 Word Challenge was a bit different this week.  
We had to write a story using 5 particular words.  We higlighted the words when we used them.

The words were:

Here are some of the creative stories that we wrote.

It was a nice, sunny afternoon when Horse was eating, then he thought he would go for a swim. He carefully swam in the water. Then his friend, Duck, came for a swim. Duck thought that maybe they should have a Swamp Party! "Great idea," said Horse. So they invited all their friends. There were cow, pig, sheep, bunny, rabbit, dog, cat and the party throwers. Then all of a sudden cow was going to have a little drink from the water but then she found out that the water was green. "Maybe," she thought, "somebody must have flushed something gross down the pipe and made the water green and yuck. Then...
By Riley

Once upon a time there was a horse. He loved music and making music. One day he lost his pipe and ooohhhh it as his favourite thing in the world. Then he had an idea and the idea was that he should go and search for his pipe. The next morning he walked through the green forest, then he swam through the lake. All of a sudden he was a BEAR. "Ahhhh," he screamed! He had to tipoed carefully around the bear. Yay he found his pipe! After that he galloped home, through the lake, and back through the green forest.
By Katie

Once upon a time there was a horse. One day the horse was going for a walk across a bridge. The bridge wasn't very stable so the horse walked carefully. Suddenly when he was half way across, the horse fell down into the water below the bridge. The horse swam towards the green grass on the side of the river. Then out of nowhere, a giant pipe appeared above the horse's head and the horse was sucked up into a UFO full of aliens! The horse was so scared, he ran past all the aliens, jumped out a window, landed in the river, swam to the side, ran all the way back to the barn and nevr left his home again!
By Paige

"I don't care if you want to eat your silly apples, we're taking the left turn," I said to Marley the horse while I was riding on his back. I jumped off his back and said, "Ahhh we're here at last." I walked into the small shade and hung up a blanket from side to side to get changed into my green swimming togs. As soon as I was finished, I ran to the ocean to swim. I carefully stepped into the water and swam like a fish. After that I dried off and took out my pipe and played it fluently.
By Deborah

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