Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Week 3 - 100 Word Challenge

Our prompt for our 100 Word Challenge this week was:

Cat problem.jpg

What happened next? 

Here are some of the stories we wrote:

Jimmy the cat was hungry.  He wanted to get his owner's attention but he was too busy reading his book so he didn't notice Jimmy.  Jimmy had an idea.  He jumped off the back of the couch planning to land on his owner but as he jumped, he flew straight over him and headed for the cold fish tank with only water in it.  Jimmy was so scared that he grew angel wings and flew up to heaven.  Then he forced himslef back down and landed on his owner's head.  But he still didn't get the owner's attention.
By Teryn

One day I was bored.  I saw James and he was reading a book, it looked fun.  I said to myself, "Maybe I can have fun by giving James a fright!"  I got onto the couch.  Just then he started laughing.  It was so loud, it gave me a fright!  I jumped so high that I came down so fast and my claws immediately came out and I landed on James!  When I heard James yell, "Aghhhh," I ran away so fast so James couldn't find me and I started meowing.  "Meow."  Then he found me and yelled at me.  I was mad!
By Caitlin

Hi I'm Tom the cat.  Today is April Fool's Day, and I'm going to playing a little trick on Maison.  He's the human by the way.  Good!  Maison's reading a book, that's a pretty good distraction.  Alright off I go.  OK, right now I'm behind the couch and I'm just about to do my trick.  Ok, 1, 2, 3 go!  Rahrrr!  I jump up and leap out from behind the couch and aimed for Maison's head but I missed and instead of landing in Maison's head, I ended up slamming my body on the wall.  What happens next?  Do you know?
By Deborah

One day when my owner Jeff was reading his book about Minecraft, I decided to play a prank on him because he wasn't looking after me.  So I jumped off the couch and I was gliding then I dropped on his head with my claws out.  Then I clawed his head.  He popped up and said "OW, my head!" really loud.  Suddenly I said, "you weren't looking after me!"  Jeff said, "oh my cat just talked."  Then Jeff ran...I said, "Jeff, come and feed me!"  He was running so fast!
By Charlotte

All morning Jack was ignoring me.  He was reading a book in the lounge.  It was April Fool's Day so I decided to glide over him to get his attention.  "Ohhh noooo!!!!"  I landed on his head and I ran away.  I sure got his attention!  I heard Jack yell.  I jumped out the window as fast as lightning.  I knew Jack was really angry.  As I was running away I fell into a deep drain.  I kept falling down into the sewers.  I heard Jack yelling for me and I saw him walking past but I didn't go home again.
By Braedan

Once upon a time I was sitting on the comfortable couch in the lounge by the curtain and I got my book and started to read my book.  Suddenly my cat clawed me and said "Meoooooowwwww."  He had climbed up the apartment wall and climbed in the window and climbed up the back of the couch.  My cat sprang up and landed on my head.
By Blake

One day I was sitting on the snuggly furniture.  Suddenly the cat appeared and then the cat clawed me and I ran out the door to the kitchen.  I bled.  I put bandages and plasters on.  I looked like a scary mummy.  The cat was hiding in the  then the cat jumped on the dinner table.
By Reuben